Prepare so that you can be DisasterReadyTM

  • Active Monitoring - We’ll know if your site or app goes offline and proactively bring it back

  • Proactive Updates - We’ll automatically apply patches and minor version updates to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime*

  • Disaster Response - We’ll get things running again and, when necessary, recommend longer-term solutions you can engage us to make

  • Essential Documentation - We’ll have the information on all your critical systems.

  • Monthly App Care Reports - We’ll keep you updated about your system’s performance.

Maintain so that you can be ContentReadyTM

  • Content Tweaks - We’ll implement copy updates and image swaps for you

  • Page Adjustments - We’ll add and remove standard pages using your existing styles

  • Non-code Configurations - We’ll safely make standard configuration changes

  • Basic Database Updates - We’ll help you fix minor data entry errors

  • Up to 12 tweaks every month (use our optional Growth Blocks add-on if you need more)

  • + Everything in the Prepare plan

Enhance so that you can be DevelopmentReadyTM

  • Major Updates - We’ll plan major upgrades as part of your regular subscription

  • Break/Fix Support - When minor code or dependency issues show up, we’ll squash them for you

  • Intermediate Content Updates - We’ll create simple page layouts and add scripted services

  • Minor Code Changes - We’ll make minor CSS, HTML, and core language adjustments

  • Database Administration - We’ll support minor data model enhancements when you need them  

  • + Everything in the Maintain plan (up to 12 tweak or technical requests per month)

  • + Everything in the Prepare plan